Griffin for Illinois

Griffin for Illinois

Illinois' forward thinking choice.

I'm stepping up for EVERY Illinois citizen.


In short, I'm tired of Illinois being recognized as the "failure state" of the nation. I am not a part of the establishment. I left that scene when I vacated the Democratic Party to join U.S. Senator Rand Paul's campaign for President of the United States in 2015. I am a sincere and passionate American that believes Illinois needs thoughtful leaders that care more about the prosperity of individual people and their families more than the wealth and development of any political institution. 

Illinois needs to evolve

The State of Illinois is in a great period of transition. To date, Jesse White has served a total of 40+ years in public elected office – a true representation of "the machine" and how big party politics operates within this state. To Illinois' detriment, partisanship functions abundantly and continues to destroy our economic security and family households everyday. This is why we need fresh voices in Springfield and around the state. Voices that will stand up to the establishment every time they attempt to set the status quo back in place. No longer can we allow our elected officials or political parities to dictate the rules and reap self dignified personal gain from their highly coveted political perches. I'm stepping up to offer that fresh voice, along with a new and committed vision that stands up for every Illinoian.   


Illinois has the honor and responsibility of serving roughly 13 million people that call our state their home. Each resident carries hopes of furthering their pursuit in achieving their individual dreams. My goal is to assist in guiding the government to its intended form and function by decreasing the level of unnecessary public spending it commits to. I seek to increase the citizens' access to government services and restructure the Secretary of State Office to ensure the government stays lean and effective. Increasing the confidence that people have within their government and themselves will promote the sprit and attitude needed to make sure our state operates at its highest potential and hold all elected officials more accountable to their constituencies


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If Illinois is in search of sincere change, she must awaken and refuse to accept the distorted promises brought forth by antiquated rational.
— J.C. Griffin